When iMarks started marketing web sites a few years ago, many business owners would ask, "Why do I need a web site? What if nobody visits it?" My answer was, "It's so inexpensive that if you just put the web site address on your business card, and do your normal networking, the site can pay for itself very quickly."

A web site is a great way to show prospective customers how good you really are. They can't get that from a business card.

Put your web site address on everything - business cards, company vehicles, your retail store window - I have even seen a domain name printed on eyeglass frames! (It was tiny, but effective.) Ask people you meet to visit your site. If you have a great-looking site that you are proud of, they may be curious enough to explore it.
-- Doreen Jeffers


Today, most businesses realize that a web site is important to their business. Your site's value can grow exponentially with each form of advertising you use. Some methods will lead to a lot of sales; others may not lead to any. Some advertising methods are practically free; others can be a significant investment.
The good news is that the web site will be there regardless of the advertising methods you use - Experiment until you find the right combination for your business.

Here are 35 of my favorite ways to advertise a web site. The last one, number 35, has been known to cause sales to skyrocket! Print this list and use it to track your advertising. Let us know what works for you.
  1. Word of Mouth / Networking
  2. Business Cards
  3. Stationery
  4. Brochures
  5. Contracts, Invoices and Forms
  6. Vehicle Decals
  7. Signs (Window Decals, Disposable Signs)
  8. Product Packaging
  9. Search Engines
  10. Links on other Web Sites
  11. Internet Directories like Troubleshooter.com
  12. Banner Ads on other Web Sites
  13. Tell-a-Friend Feature on Web Site
  14. Email Advertising Campaign
  15. Professional Organization Newsletters
  16. Direct Mail / Postcards
  17. Letters to Prospective Customers
  18. Flyers
  19. Coupons
  20. Billboards
  21. Bench Ads
  22. Trade Shows
  23. Radio Spots
  24. TV Commercials
  25. Yellow Pages
  26. Magazine or Newspaper Ads
  27. Classified Ads
  28. Press Releases
  29. Public Speaking / Seminars
  30. Promotional Items (Hats, T-Shirts, Pens)
  31. Sponsor an Event
  32. Write an Article for a Magazine
  33. Be Interviewed on the Local TV News
  34. Have a Story about your Business in the Newspaper
  35. Be Featured on "Oprah"
There are literally hundreds of ways to drive traffic to your web site. When the visitors come, it's important to have a web site that effectively delivers your marketing message. iMarks can help to develop or refine your web site's first impression.

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