When iMarks first opened back in 2000, it wasn't easy to find a lot of web sites on the Internet that were visually attractive. This presented a great opportunity for me to get into the field, because frankly, the competition was not that serious.

Things have changed. There are plenty of talented web designers out there now, and they create a lot of good graphic design work to be inspired by. Web companies that have been in business 3 years or more often show great improvement in their design portfolios.

For the client, this means that your competition has picked up too. In 2001, you may have had the best site on the block. In 2006, that same site may seem a little outdated. This month's article will help you decide if it really is time to re-design your web site.
-- Doreen Jeffers


Your web site can be your most visible marketing asset. Maybe it wasn't when you first had it built, but in today's marketplace, it may be the primary way that potential customers get to know your business.

So, is this a good time to re-design your web site? Ask yourself the following questions.
  1. How does your site compare with your competitors' sites? Does it have the same visual appeal? Does it have the features that competitive sites have? What about the message - do your competitors know something about your audience that you don't know?

  2. Does the site show your true current identity? Companies that are new often change direction within the first 1-3 years. The site should reflect your current business direction.

  3. Are you getting a new logo? The logo represents the essence of a company's identity. Re-branding almost always requires a site re-design.

  4. Does the site look outdated? Color trends change, graphic design trends change, tag lines become cliche, and customers get tired of seeing the same old thing. Maybe the site needs a fresh look and a fresh message.

  5. Is the site content way off? If you used to sell shoes and now you're totally into handbags, it may be time for a new design.

  6. Is the site easy to navigate? Sometimes the navigation can get confusing if you have made a lot of changes to the original site. A crisp new navigation system may be in order.

  7. What do you want your site to do for you? Get customers to call? Take orders? Encourage customers to request a quote? Get subscribers for your newsletter? If you want the site to be more proactive in your business, a new design could facilitate that. Click here for ideas.

  8. Has it been 3 years since the site was posted? Then it's definitely time to consider a re-design. Some sites that don't have a lot of repeat visitors may not need a change. One way to keep a home page fresh and prolong the life of the design is to have an "ad" or a pre-defined section of the home page that changes every month or so. When planning the re-design, ask for this feature.

  9. Do you have a vision for your site that has not been implemented yet? Your site may already be the best in your industry, but you know it could be the Armani of the web. A boost in the appeal of the site may do wonders for your business. You won't really know until you try.
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