With the sweltering heat, it's hard to think about the Christmas shopping season. However, if you have plans to sell merchandise online, this is the time to get your web marketing plans together. Most online merchants know that everything needs to be in place by October 1 to cash in - that's only two months away!

Five years ago, e-commerce was reserved for serious merchants with big budgets. Today, you can sell products on your web site with a very small investment of time and money. Anyone can now accept credits cards with a PayPal business account. Even if you're not in the product business, think about selling online books, newsletter subscriptions or merchandise with your logo on it. You never know where your business will take you!
-- Doreen Jeffers


Whether you have one product to sell or hundreds, e-commerce is well within the reach of every business.

With e-commerce enabled on your web site, you can take orders for your products and collect payments over the Internet. Customers can pay with their credit or debit cards, or sometimes by check.
And it's not just for products. Your web site can:
  • Collect payments for services you provide
  • Allow customers to pay their invoices online with a credit card
  • Enroll students in a seminar and take their payment
  • Enable people to RSVP for an event and pay the admission fee
  • Deliver an eBook (PDF file), online lesson, or other web-based service upon payment
Low-Cost Solutions. Services like PayPal collect payments for you, then deposit them into your bank account. With PayPal, your business does not need to accept credit cards directly. PayPal does not charge a setup fee - they just take a percentage of the transaction amount and a small transaction fee. This makes it a great startup solution for simple, low-volume e-commerce.

Full-Function Solutions. For higher-volume e-commerce, you may want to use a commercial shopping cart solution like MIVA Merchant. Usually you will use your own merchant account to take credit cards directly, but you can also use PayPal. Customers enter their credit or debit card information securely on your web site when they order the products. You can later submit the charges manually, or use a "payment gateway" (for an additional fee) to have the charges automatically processed.

Commercial shopping cart solutions will often have higher monthly costs to cover web site hosting, merchant accounts, payment gateway and secure certificate. Some of these solutions can be configured to add functionality like inventory tracking, affiliate marketing, online coupons, shipment tracking, catalog display options and more. Many have a web-based interface that let you update the products on the web site yourself.

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