Makeovers are all the rage! As iMarks approaches its fifth anniversary, our makeover is well underway. We recently introduced a new logo, a new web site, a new e-zine and an expanded product line. This is just the beginning.

If your company hasn't tried a makeover in a while, it can be a fun and exciting experience. The benefits could exceed your expectations. The Internet has become one of the most powerful image-building tools that businesses have at their disposal. I'd be happy to talk with you to explore some options.
-- Doreen Jeffers


You've seen the makeover shows on TV where they transform someone's home, or yard, or body, wardrobe, car... there was even a show on The Learning Channel where they would make over a business.
The producers selected a small company that was having some problems, then they brought in four coaches to turn the business around in a short amount of time. One of the coaches was an expert in Management. Another coach specialized in Instinct. The other two specialized in Branding and Style - i.e., two of the four coaches were focused on Image.

That implies that companies should be spending a significant part of their time investing in their image. Some people will say, why should I spend money on that? I'm concerned about sales. If you are in a competitive industry, image can be what differentiates you from your competition, all other things being equal (price, service, product).

How can a business enhance its image?

Logo. A professionally-designed logo can go a long way. It not only adds impact to a company's stationery and signage, it can dramatically affect the professionalism and originality of its advertising.

Web Site. Every business should have a web site that they can be proud of. A web site has the potential to be seen by anyone in the world. It should emphasize your brand and bring out your competitive edge. It should be clean, polished, and compelling.

Proactive Communication. A monthly email newsletter to customers is great because it's cheap to produce, cheap to distribute, it's not intrusive, and it can be sent out in minutes. E-brochures, ticklers, direct mail and greeting card services can be valuable as well.

Phone Recordings. A Voice Mail Greeting and/or On-Hold Recording can contain powerful and informative advertising for incoming callers.

Direct Mail and Advertising. Postcards, brochures, letters and promotional items should reinforce and promote your image. Print, TV, and radio advertising should drive customers to your web site.

Physical Location. If customers visit your office or retail location frequently, consider making it consistent with your branding. The Apple Store is a great example. If money is an issue, you can always start with signage, paint color and accessories.

A business image makeover doesn't have to cost a lot, and it can be taken one step at a time. To discuss ideas for your company, call iMarks at 303.979.0873.
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