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Summer is the perfect time to relax, reflect, and re-think your marketing strategy. For many businesses, this is a slow season. So, after you've satisfied your cravings for beer, barbeque, and the beach, it's easier to get creative about how you want to reach new customers.

In this issue, we briefly examine four ways that you can reach out to customers with a minimum of effort - and a minimum of expense. I'm excited to be able to offer tools that can help your business grow, and give you extra time to enjoy your family, friends, and the beautiful summer weather!
-- Doreen Jeffers


Have you ever received a lead and contacted them only once? Has it been a while since you've communicated with your past customers?

If you answered "yes", you could be losing a lot of business. Past customers and qualified leads can be the best source of new business and referrals.
The problem is that most small businesses just don't have the time to do the kind of follow-through that customers expect. iMarks can help. Our line of custom E-Touch tools can help you contact all of your customers in minutes.

4 Must-Have E-Touch Tools
  1. E-Brochure. This HTML flyer gives prospective customers a proper introduction to your business. It has beautifully formatted graphics, photos of your products or services, polished sales copy, and (optionally) a personal message. It can be sent to one recipient at a time or hundreds! More

  2. Tickler System. This web-based application can keep track of leads that have not yet closed. Every week or so, you can have the tickler system automatically generate a personal email for each lead, let you revise it as needed, and send it out. More

  3. E-Newsletter. This is a great way to reach everyone on a regular basis: leads, past customers, and referral partners. A monthly or quarterly email newsletter is cheap to produce, cheap to distribute, it's not intrusive, and it can be sent out in minutes. More

  4. Reminder Service. Birthdays, holidays, recurring appointments or service, and renewal notices are all good candidates for an automated reminder service. It can send out pre-formatted, personalized email reminders for dates that are important to specific customers. More

Follow-through can make a big difference in your close rate, and it doesn't have to take a lot of time.

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