When I was in the corporate world, the thought of "networking" to find your next job was chilling. Now in the world of small business, it's one of my favorite things to do. Many organizations do a great job of turning a networking event into a party. I love going to these events to learn about new businesses, and to share my enthusiasm for web marketing.

When iMarks first opened, a friend told me to join a Chamber of Commerce and a Leads Group. From those two sources and the referrals that followed, we gained our first 50 clients. It's amazing to see how companies can grow exponentially by building their referral network.
-- Doreen Jeffers


With the holidays in full gear, who doesn't love a good party? This is the perfect time of year to mix business with pleasure by attending a few extra networking events, meeting new people, and sharing the good will of the season.
Everyone knows networking is critical to small business success. People like to do business with people they know. If you haven't dived into the networking scene, it can be a lot of fun - and it can be lucrative. Here are a few techniques that iMarks has learned from the experts.
  1. Go to an event with the objective of getting to know people - not just to get leads. Many people are turned off when someone starts a conversation by trying to sell them something. Instead, ask questions to strike up a natural conversation. Use the Dale Carnegie techniques - be genuinely interested in the people you meet and in their businesses. After the rapport is established, they may reveal a need that you or someone in your network can address.

  2. Bring lots of business cards and exchange them with the people you meet. Don't just pass your business card out to everyone. Save them for the people that you create some sort of bond with.

  3. Look for people that you can send business to. Maybe you need their product or service, or know someone else that needs it.

  4. When you are talking to someone, look for opportunities where you can be of service to them. This may be as simple as offering your business' services. More likely, it will be sharing information you have learned, or contacts that you know from your network.

  5. Introduce the people you meet to others at the event, even if you have just met them.
Networking Karma
Networking is about building relationships. Even if you go to an event and get zero leads, you can establish relationships that may pay off later. This concept of "Give Now, Get Later" is the foundation of several organizations, including leads groups, chambers of commerce, online user groups and professional associations. It's incredible how well this works!

Having a web site address on your business card gives the people you meet an opportunity to get to know your business better after the party ends. iMarks creates web site products that give a positive, professional impression. Call us at 303.979.0873 to talk about ways to enhance your web presence and stay in touch with your new contacts.
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