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An artist's web site should present a beautiful framework for the art. This is a perfect opportunity to reinforce your branding, and show the work in its best light. Don't settle for a site that looks homemade! A professionally designed site will make you look successful, and a successful image will help earn more money.

Let the art work be the star.
  • The surrounding layout and graphics should be simple and polished. They should compliment the art - not compete with it.
  • The logo should be simple as well, so that it can easily co-exist with the art on any marketing materials.
  • Allow the viewer to fully experience one piece of art at a time.

There are a lot of opportunities for creativity.
  • Slide shows are a great way to show multiple pieces on the home page to entice visitors to browse more.
  • Thumbnail photos can be displayed simply, with rollovers, or in a creative montage.
  • If you want to add works to the site yourself, iMarks can provide a site updater that will let you upload photos and descriptions of the art work using a web-based form.
  • Many visitors will want to get to know the artist through "work in progress" studio photography, a timeline, an interview, or journal entries.
  • If prints, cards, or other low-cost versions of the art are available, consider setting up a small e-store to sell those items over the Internet. Or, join other artists and create an Internet mall.
  • Web site features like "Tell-a-friend" and free e-cards featuring the art work can increase referrals and visitors to your site.

A web site can give your art exposure when a gallery may not.
  • Have business cards and/or postcards printed with your web site address on them. Give them to all of your friends, students and people you meet. They will be curious about your work.
  • Find highly visible art sites on the Internet and see if they will link to your site.
  • Other artists you know may be interested in linking to your site if your site links to theirs, in order to increase traffic for both sites.
  • Keep in touch with people who are interested in your art with a periodic e-newsletter featuring new pieces, words of inspiration, announcements, and of course, an invitation to browse your web site.


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