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iMarks has provided mortgage calculators, pregnancy calculators, cost estimators and technology configurators.

Cost Calculators
Being up front about costs can go a long way toward closing a deal. A cost calculator can help. It can also qualify customers before they call by telling them how much to budget for custom services.

If the cost of your products or services can be represented in a spreadsheet, iMarks can program a calculator for your web site visitors to use. The cost can be displayed as an exact figure, as a range, as a minimum cost, or as a rough budgeting estimate with a disclaimer.

Here are a few business areas that may benefit from a cost calculator:
  • Window Cleaning
  • Deck Building
  • Flooring
  • Printing
  • Computer Systems
  • Any custom package of products or services

The list does not end here. Contact iMarks at 303.979.0873 to talk about the potential for a cost calculator for your business.

A cost calculator can be extended into a configurator. This is a tool that uses rules to let web site visitors customize your products and services online. It's frequently used for computer systems, but can be applied to any number of businesses. The configurator asks the web site visitor a number of questions regarding their needs and choices, then displays the recommended collection of items and their associated costs.

Calculators come in a wide range of flavors.