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In this highly competitive industry, you need a professional edge. Savvy clients will use the Internet to screen prospective consultants. Many consultants and coaches develop their own web sites. Opting for a professionally-designed site can set your practice apart from theirs.

Because this can be a very personalized service, your web site should be a reflection of your tastes - with a polished edge.
  • The look of the site should attract the clientele you are targeting.
  • Avoid clip art cartoons and trendy fonts unless they are extremely well done and mesh well with the branding of the rest of your site. While entertaining, they can devalue your services.

There is enormous potential for your site to be an indispensable resource to your clients and prospects.
  • If you enjoy writing, iMarks can create for you an online magazine, where you can add your own articles and links, and sell advertising.
  • If you offer seminars, we can provide online event registration with an optional payment system.
  • iMarks offers productivity tools like contract generators and tickler systems to help minimize your overhead.

In addition to traditional marketing, consultants can maximize use of the Internet in the following ways.
  • A e-newsletter is always desirable for a consulting company. iMarks can design the layout for your e-newsletter based on your web site, then provide a way for you to generate and archive your e-newsletters.
  • Reciprocal linking (exchanging links with complementary web sites) can be an effective way to build referral business.
  • Search engine marketing can be competitive, but may be effective if you market your specialties.


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