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E-commerce is within everyone's reach. Every business that markets a lower-cost, shippable consumer product should consider selling their product over the Internet. It's surprisingly affordable. For higher-cost products, an online catalog with detailed product information can be a tremendous asset.

A clean presentation will catch your visitor's eye and make it easy for them to buy.
  • Whenever possible, try to close the sale on the home page.
  • Stores with multiple products should feature one or more best sellers on the home page, and should be easy to navigate.
  • Browse your favorite online stores and make a list of the design elements you like.

iMarks offers two types of e-commerce solutions, as well as a catalog-only solution.
  • For clients who are experimenting with selling a product or two over the Internet, iMarks offers a low cost PayPal solution - no merchant account required!
  • For more serious e-tailers, our MIVA Merchant solution gives you a fully functional, affordable online storefront with the custom features you want.
  • Stores and catalogs can be configured so that you can add products yourself using web-based forms.
  • Animated product demos or videos can be effective for some products.

In addition to non-Internet advertising like direct mail, radio and TV, consider using these Internet tools.
  • For high-volume online sales to a broad consumer base, search engine marketing is highly recommended.
  • Supplement this with a targeted email campaign, e-coupon offers, and links on complementary web sites.
  • Web site features like "Tell-a-friend" can increase referral business.


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