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A key to making a web site work for your business is anticipating what visitors want to learn. Don't disappoint! Offering a tutorial or course can satisfy the visitor's desire to know more about your product area. It can also be a draw that drives traffic to your web site through referrals.

An online course can be developed for nearly any business area. Once the course is developed, it costs next to nothing to continually deliver it over the Internet. The course can be simply a series of informational pages, or it can include interactive elements, such as:
  • Quizes
  • Worksheets
  • Animation
  • Interactive Flash Demos
  • 360 Degree Views
  • Explanatory Video
  • Test Scoring
  • Test Results Reporting
  • Conditional Branching to other course segments

The web site can be expanded to offer course registration, collect payments, and track student progress.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time educating your customers, consider having your web site do that work. Call iMarks at 303.979.0873 to discuss the potential for online courses for your business.

An educated consumer will often buy quickly.