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Your business is unique. Your web site should be too.

iMarks specializes in designing original sites that are affordable and easy to grow. From graphic design to photography to copywriting to programming, each site is custom-developed. You choose the features you want in your site, and how you want them to work. You tell us what you want the site to look like, what colors you prefer, what photos you like, and what you want to say. If you don't know what you want, we'll offer suggestions. Our interview process is highly effective, resulting in web sites that exceed clients' expectations.

Your web site can be programmed to grow with your business by using a simple database. This can dramatically reduce the cost of maintenance.

Site Extras
Make your site work hard for you by adding special features like a photo gallery, contact form and self-marketing tools.

Rich Media
Step up your sales pitch by adding a slide show, Flash animation, video or 360 degree views.

Site Update Tools
If you want to update the site yourself, iMarks can build a web-based form so that you can add or change pages on the site.

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The cost of a custom web site depends on the features that you purchase, the number of pages and photos, the amount of copywriting and other factors. We start with one of the following base packages.

Custom Concept Site
iMarks produces an original home page design for your business. These sites start at $1,295 for six pages (home page and five informational pages). More pages can be added for as little as $20-85 per page.

Custom Derivative Site
Do you have a high-quality, compelling photo that communicates the essence of your business? Or a professionally-designed brochure cover that would look great as a home page for your web site? If so, your business may qualify for Derivative Site pricing. Since Derivative Sites use pre-existing components, they require less design work than Concept Sites. These sites start at $995 for six pages (home page and five informational pages). More pages can be added for as little as $20-85 per page.

For smaller sites, most of the cost lies in the design of the home page. The cost-per-page generally goes down as you add more pages. iMarks is happy to provide an estimate based on your needs and budget.