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An e-brochure can be thought of as an HTML flyer that gives prospective customers a proper introduction to your business. It has beautifully formatted graphics, and includes photos of your products or services, polished sales copy, and (optionally) a personal message.

How it Works
iMarks designs the e-brochure, and creates a web-based form that generates it. When you want to send an e-brochure, just go to the generator page on your web site. Select the products or services that you want the e-brochure to include. Enter the recipient's email address and your personal message. Click the "Send" button and your e-brochure is immediately emailed.

Customization Options
iMarks can design the e-brochure to match your web site, and include any options that make sense for your business. For example, the e-brochure generator can let you select the photos and service descriptions you want to include. You could include appointment information, a seminar invitation, or links to pages of interest on your web site.

An e-brochure can be a tremendous time saver that presents the professional image that you normally would not have time to create with individual emails. Respond to business inquiries quickly and easily, and give prospects the information they need to make an informed decision.

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Impress new leads with a personalized e-brochure.