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Today, you can purchase almost anything you want by going to the right web site. Whether you have one product to sell or hundreds, e-commerce is well within the reach of every business.

Your web site can be set up to sell your products and collect payments for you. iMarks offers two types of e-commerce solutions, as well as a catalog-only solution.

Businesses that want to try out the technology can begin with an inexpensive PayPal solution. You don't need a merchant account, and you pay only a portion of the transaction amount.

MIVA Merchant
For companies that plan to use their web site as a primary revenue generator, iMarks recommends a MIVA Merchant solution. MIVA Merchant is a flexible, full-function storefront system that can easily grow with your business.

Online Catalog
If you do not plan to collect payments on your web site, iMarks can build a custom catalog that displays your products. We can also build a tool that lets you update the catalog using a web-based form.