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Macromedia Flash is a versatile tool with broad applications. Special effects can be applied to photos and text. Lines and shapes can be animated. Sound effects, voiceovers, and music can be integrated into your web site.

Flash can be used for a small part of your web site, or for the entire site. Some Flash movies take a while to load, while others load as quickly as other web site elements.

Consider using Flash for:
  • Short commercials on your site
  • Animated product demonstrations
  • Interactive simulations of product trials
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Guided tours
  • Creative tools like paint swatch applications and window configurators

This tool presents great opportunities for creativity. Whatever experience you want to create on your web site, there is a possibility that Flash can realize it. Call iMarks at 303.979.0873 to brainstorm ways that your web site can use this powerful application.