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More and more people are consulting the Internet before they choose a restaurant. Most of the major restaurant chains now have their menus online. For party planners looking for a caterer, the web can be a great time saver.

This is an opportunity to draw visitors in to the full culinary experience.
  • Photography is key to making people hungry!
  • So is rich verbiage and an appetizing color palette - warm colors and hues of the rainbow foods.
  • If atmosphere is your strength, show photos of the decor.
  • If you have a restaurant, show a clear photo of the exterior so that people will recognize it as they drive by.

Your web site can be as creative as you want it to be.
  • Menus are a must for any restaurant. This can encourage takeout orders as well as bring people in who know exactly what they want.
  • If you have promotional merchandise, consider selling it over the Internet.
  • Can customers reserve rooms for special events? Make it easy for them to do this on your web site.
  • Caterers can display a photo gallery of events.
  • Don't forget about customer testimonials.

In addition to traditional advertising, you can use the Internet in the following ways.
  • Consider buying a link in the online yellow pages.
  • Caterers that do weddings have a large network of bridal web sites available to advertise with.
  • Email campaigns advertising new menu items or coupon offers can also be effective.


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