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A web site is a powerful marketing tool. To ensure the credibility of your business, it should be kept up-to-date.

To keep a site current, do a quick monthly checkup:
Is the contact information correct?
Is the text throughout the site current?
Are the links to other sites still working?
Are the photos still applicable to your business?
Are the forms still working? (If you haven't received a form inquiry from your web site in a while, test each form to make sure you receive the email it sends you.)
Does the site still communicate the essence of your business?
Does the copyright notice include the current year? (Many visitors look at the copyright date to see when the site was last updated.)
If you are using a service like PayPal, is it working properly? (If you haven't received a transaction email from PayPal in a while, you may want to try a sample purchase. You can refund it from within your PayPal account as soon as it is complete.)
If your web site needs to be changed or enhanced, contact your web site developer.

A monthly web site checkup can keep your site current.