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If you are doing a lot of print advertising, it can be time-consuming to send out your logo at the appropriate resolution for each job. Consider putting a Media Kit on your web site. Agencies can download print-quality logos, photos, ad copy and other company media when they need it.

A Media Kit can be as simple as having a single print-quality logo available for download, or it can include a wide range of items that you want to make available to your ad agencies, the press, signage companies or anyone else who may do work on your company's behalf. The kit can include:
  1. Logos in several resolutions, color schemes and formats including resizable vector-based logos

  2. Print-quality photos depicting your company's products or services, or concept photos used for your company's branding

  3. Advertising copy (text) used to promote your business

  4. Pre-designed print ad layouts suitable for magazines and newspapers

  5. Press Releases

  6. Brochures in PDF format for easy download and printing

  7. Brand Standards documents that contain rules as to how your logo and supporting media can be used

The Media Kit can be accessed through your web site menu, or through a URL that is not linked to your site. It can have open access, or be protected by a user ID and password.

Make it easy for agencies to promote your business.