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For serious online merchants, MIVA Merchant provides the flexibility and scalability you need. One of the most popular shopping cart solutions since the late 1990s, MIVA Merchant has been the e-commerce software of choice for tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses. iMarks provides design, customization, training and support for MIVA Merchant clients.

Is MIVA Merchant right for you?
If you are using your online store for serious revenue generation, iMarks recommends MIVA Merchant for these reasons:
  • Low software and hosting costs. You can lease a MIVA Merchant license with a reputable MIVA web site hosting provider for a relatively low cost, or you can purchase a full license.
  • You can use your own merchant account.
  • Payments can be processed automatically using a payment gateway, or manually.
  • Add-on modules are available for nearly any function that you want to add to your store.
  • You can add products and categories to your store using a web-based interface.
  • A large network of MIVA partners are available to support and enhance your store.

How it Works
A MIVA Merchant store is hosted on a special web hosting account. iMarks designs and customizes the store for you, then trains you and your staff on how to update the store and process orders using a web-based interface. You can add products to the store, and assign those products to one or more categories to make it easy for visitors to browse the store.

The cost of setting up a MIVA Merchant store varies depending on the number of products you offer and the functionality that you want to add to the default store.
  • iMarks offers Miva Merchant graphic design, customization, programming and training based on hourly fees.
  • Monthly costs can be about $40 to $130. These can include Miva Merchant hosting, an Internet Merchant Account, a Payment Gateway, and a Secure Certificate.
  • Additional MIVA Merchant modules can be purchased to accomplish specific tasks, such as shipping, tax, coupons, catalog display, search engine optimization and more. Many modules are less than $100.