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Slide shows are an easy way to create a dramatic effect. If more than one photo is needed to show the breadth of your products or services, a slide show is an great way to make use of the limited space available on a computer screen.

A major advantage of a slide show is that larger photos can be displayed. Larger photos are more effective at drawing the visitor in to the overall experience of your offering.

Slide shows can be used for:
  • Showing portions of a product catalog
  • Summarizing a line of services
  • Displaying samples of your work
  • Comparing "Before and After" photos
  • Demonstrating a product
  • Telling a story
  • Giving a tour

Technical Considerations
Javascript slide shows work well on most browsers. On Microsoft Internet Explorer for the PC, a fading effect can be used to dissolve one slide into the next. To optimize load time, each slide is loaded into the computer's memory just before it is displayed. Slide shows can also be implemented using Flash.