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Have you ever received a lead and contacted the prospective customer only once? If they didn't close right away, you may have lost that business. Keep in touch with your leads with a minimum of effort by using a Lead Tickler System.

Many business owners get too busy or stressed to write a proper letter with rapport builders, helpful information, action items, correct spelling, and a p.s. that serves as an advertisement for their services. A tickler system can automatically generate a very gracious email, let you revise it as needed, and send it out. You can use the system to contact the customer every two weeks, or four weeks, or on a specific day.

iMarks can customize a tickler system for your web site that meets your company's needs and personality. Let customers know that you want their business whenever they're ready.

Some leads may take weeks or months to close. Don't lose that business just because you're busy!