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Today, many brides are looking to the web to make their wedding planning easier. iMarks has created sites for wedding planners, caterers, a cake artist and others.

Every visual element of the site should match the bride's expectations for her own wedding.
  • Beautiful photography is paramount.
  • Color palettes for weddings can be pastels, jewel tones, black and white, shades of chocolate, or just about anything a bride may want. Often a vendor will have corporate colors that need to be integrated with a suitable wedding palette.

Set your service apart from competitors by integrating these features.
  • Have a photo gallery on your web site. iMarks creates photo galleries that are easy to grow.
  • A contact form is important for capturing those after-hours leads.
  • Respond to lead inquiries with a personalized e-brochure. iMarks can create a system that generates these for you using a short web-based form.

This industry is highly visible on the Internet.
  • Look at the most popular wedding sites like and, and consider purchasing a listing in which they link to your site.
  • Publish links to your referral partner sites, and ask your referral partners to publish links to your site.
  • Online yellow pages and search engine marketing are also options.


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