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iMarks works closely with business owners and their marketing executives to ensure a solid understanding of what the end product should be. Our process for custom site development is streamlined to save you time and money. You'll have direct access to your web site designer by phone and email.

Step 1 - Phone Consultation. During the initial complimentary phone consultation, we'll brainstorm ideas for your site. You'll look at other web sites to see what you like. Then we'll give you a rough estimate of the web site costs at each price point.

Step 2 - Planning Session. This 2 to 3 hour meeting is conducted in person for local clients, or over the phone for remote clients. It involves a detailed interview process where we learn more about your business and marketing message. We'll collect content for your site, take photos, and identify the pages on your site. You'll look at several samples of graphic design to choose your color and branding preferences.

Step 3 - Estimate and Agreement. After we understand your needs and budget, we'll prepare a detailed cost estimate. Often we can do this at the end of the Planning Session. When you approve the estimate, we'll generate a short, user-friendly Web Site Development Agreement. The agreement is signed and the deposit is collected. For your convenience, iMarks accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards. Most sites are scheduled for completion within 6 weeks, but the schedule can often be accelerated to meet your marketing needs.

Step 4 - Home Page Design. iMarks designs an original home page for your site. You can review the design on the Internet, and we'll discuss your observations and change requests over the phone.

Step 5 - Sub-Page Design. Based on the final home page design, iMarks designs one or more sample sub-pages for your site. You can review the design(s) on the Internet, and we'll discuss your observations and change requests over the phone.

Step 6 - E-Commerce Setup. For e-commerce sites, iMarks works with you to open and customize the appropriate accounts for your MIVA Merchant or PayPal solution. We train you and your staff on how to update the site and process orders.

Step 7 - Presentation Draft. iMarks produces a full working copy of your site that is suitable for publishing on the web. You can review this site on the Internet and request detailed changes by email or phone.

Step 8 - Revisions. iMarks applies the changes you requested to the Presentation Draft of the site.

Step 9 - Delivery. Upon your final approval and payment, iMarks will post the site to your web site hosting account. We are happy to open a hosting account in your name with one of our preferred hosting providers.

Maintenance. When your web site requires updates, just call or send us an email describing the changes you'd like to make. We'll send an estimate for your approval before you incur any costs. If your site requires frequent updates, you can purchase a web-based updater so that you can make the changes yourself without incurring additional maintenance charges from iMarks.

Our passion is creating high-impact web sites and strong client relationships.